3 Ways Your Web Presence and Your Printed Marketing Collide

3 ways your web presence and printed marketing collide

Are you tired of marketing pieces that look great and catch your eye, but don’t mean anything to you? I know I am!  And my pet peeve is when you go to their website, blog, or social media profiles, they do not look / sound  / feel  ANYTHING like the printed collateral. UGH!

I forgive them, of course. However, the truth must be told. It is time for Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and all service professionals to cautiously design a blueprint for both online and collateral materials towards motivating, persuading and provoking an audience to act. When you answer your ideal clients’ questions, inform them and educate them, you are implanting the required credibility that will build up a close relationship, resulting in brand loyalty (and lots of profits – because you MUST get paid!).

Collateral development is a critical element to building an image that sells. These are 3 Ways Your Web Presence and Your Printed Marketing Collide:

3 ways your web presence and your printed marketing collide

1- Copy that communicates your message effectively and creatively, inspiring your prospects to act and react positively, based on “feelings evoked and connections established“. Words have an incredibly powerful effect on your corporate identity. Text sells!

2- Compelling, high resolution pictures and graphics that not only attract attention, but generate the response you want, fast!

3- Impacting layouts, colors, visual and typographical elements on quality appropriate stock for a visual statement and a favorable lasting impression.

Make it a PRIORITY to create a customer-focused winning strategy to design and present your branded collateral materials in an effective way that allows you to create deeper and more meaningful connections with your prospects, clients, and partners, and to collide with your web presence, no matter which comes first. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

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10 thoughts on “3 Ways Your Web Presence and Your Printed Marketing Collide”

  1. We love all of these amazing tips, Taylor! We agree that it is necessary for authors and speakers to have the same look and feel on web and print, because it builds loyalty with customers. We think you are an expert at answering your clients’ questions and educating them! Thank you!

  2. Great information on how to make sure your print matches your personality! I love when I see colorful photos that inspire me or words that I relate to or have a passion for. Such great advice!

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