5 Principles Of Successful Teamwork

Amazon #1 bestseller

Amazon #1 bestsellerFor the past few weeks I have been working on a bestseller book campaign for an author client and it has been a refreshing experience.

Working with a team of 4 people (including the author), we have accomplished much more in 3 weeks than was accomplished in 3 months in a previous book launch project I was involved in with more than half a dozen team members and what seemed like hundreds of hours of strategy meetings.

Every Monday we would have an in-office meeting that would eat up our entire morning and sometimes part of our afternoon, as well. Designs were changed time and again, deadlines and launch dates were pushed back, opinions and personalities clashed, and my passion for the project died more every meeting.

Today, as an entrepreneur, I set the rules. No Monday meetings. No haters. No one who isn’t serious about my mission of empowering authors and speakers to get their message out.

It has been such a blessing to work with a Godly author and team members, all working in unison to bring a positive message of Biblical business success principles to Christian business men and women who want to see their business succeed while honoring God.

There are 5 differences I can see between the nightmare bestselling book campaign and the dream bestselling book campaign that I have been blessed to help bring to life.

1. Vision

There is a vision for this book and bestseller campaign. We are all clear on the vision and we connect with the vision.

2. Unity

Our team members all run their own God based businesses and work as if we are working for God, not for man, which unites us with a sense of purpose and brotherhood.

3. Humility

As individuals we are not always right, we don’t always have the answers, and sometimes we just don’t know how to do something. The members of our Dream Team know this and all of us have the humility to take suggestions and follow instructions without getting hurt or offended.

4. Dedication

We may not have a central office where we meet for several hours each week, but what we do have is dedication. When there is a video that needs to be shot that’s what we do.

5. Love

We have love for each other. We pray together, serve each other, and enjoy each other’s great company.

Through seeing this contrast, I have learned that the best part about running my own business is the freedom to choose the type of clients and projects I work for, as well as the type of people I partner with.

In life and in business I encourage you to dedicate your time, energy, and talents only to the things and people that you believe in and will improve the quality of your life, not take away from it.

Like Jay Conrad Levinson always says: “guard your time well because time is not money; time is life.”

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23 thoughts on “5 Principles Of Successful Teamwork”

  1. You sounds as a good person, intelligent, that you can do whatever you want if is your porpose, sorry my English is not a good looking! hope you the best!

  2. Please i thank God for the principals and they are very good helpful too. But you could indicate or you could put scriptural support too. And how can i get the Book to go throw also. Be blessed too.

    1. That is certainly a great idea about the scripture references. Thank you for the suggestion.

      You can find the book at:

      I know the author, Benson Agbortogo, and I can say that he is a very wise man in life and business. I highly recommend his book, The Business System That Never Fails!

  3. Taylor, you nailed it, everything starts from the top, the head. When you put God first, especially your business, you have Godly order. God always has the perfect plan no matter what, doesn’t He? I really love your article and how you presented it. Thank you Taylor for blessing me.

  4. Working as a cohesive team with a strong leader makes all the difference in the world. I only review books I know there is a high probability that I will like or love them-I am rarely wrong! When I had my own bookkeeping business the same applied–I had to like my client before I would work with them.

  5. As I read your wise and upbeat post, I couldn’t help but think of the poor author caught in a campaign group populated with self serving team members. Every author needs your brand of representation.

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