A Great Branding Opportunity On LinkedIn: Profile Backgrounds

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Did you know that LinkedIn now gives you the opportunity to brand your profile by adding a background image? Now you can make your profile stand out visually and promote your brand in a more consistent way across all social media platforms.

taylormade web presence linkedin profile backgroundLinkedIn has been upgrading their profile features to match the highly visual trends of social and web data today:

  1. You can add multi-media into your LinkedIn Summary section
  2. You can add multi-media to your LinkedIn Experience sections
  3. You can publish blog posts on LinkedIn
  4. You can integrate your LinkedIn account with Twitter
  5. You can comment and like others’ updates on LinkedIn, too!

The custom branded LinkedIn background functionality was exclusive to Premium members and now you can take advantage of it!

whollyart linkedin profile backgroundOur team at TaylorMade Web Presence can design your custom LinkedIn profile background. The background photo will appear above the top section of your profile, and here are the specs you must keep in mind:

  • Use a cover image that reflects your brand
  • Add your website or blog URL to the image
  • Use your brand colors
  • Make sure the file type is JPG, PNG, or GIF
  • File size must be under 4MB
  • Pixel dimensions must range between 1000 X 425 and 4000 X 4000
  • Background photos must comply with the LinkedIn User Agreement

the positive mom linkedin profile backgroundLinkedIn is a great platform for bloggers, authors, speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs because it offers great visibility their community of over 300 million users.

Our graphic design services are super affordable, but if you want to create yours for free, you can use Canva, Pixlr Express, or PicMonkey, which are free tools for image editing.

Are you ready to showcase your LinkedIn profile background?

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27 thoughts on “A Great Branding Opportunity On LinkedIn: Profile Backgrounds”

    1. Yes, it really pays to be active on LinkedIN and keep your name, face, and message in front of so many professionals. It’s free advertising to a targeted market!

  1. LinkedIn is such an amazing tool and resource, especially for networking! A few years ago, I actually got an internship based solely on my LinkedIn profile and the connections I had made <3

    1. I love that Angelic! When we use the powerful online social tools that we have available, like LinkedIN, great things happen, amazing connections are made, and lives are changed even!

  2. oh wow this is so cool and big time news to me, i did seriously not know that was a possibility. Thanks for sharing, i will soon be updating my profile background

  3. I was just thinking about how I need to get back on LinkedIn and gLam my profile up! & now that I see this… maybe the universe is telling me I need to do this 😉

    1. Yes, definitely spend a little time building your LinkedIN presence. It’s a really powerful tool when you use it properly. You can even publish articles on LinkedIN now.

    1. Yes, go make that LinkedIN profile background! And if you need some extra hands 🙂 we are happy to help with your LinkedIN profile background design or any of your other social media graphic design. We love making beautiful, branded social media graphics!

  4. I started to make my linkedin profile and then stopped. I have to get on there and set it up. I didn’t even know I could do a back ground on there,

    1. Awesome! LinkedIN is a powerful way to make connections and gain exposure. Let me know if you have any questions about getting started 🙂

  5. Oh wow this is definitely very helpful! I use LinkedIn occasionally but now that I know so much more, I will use it more. Thanks for sharing this!

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