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Taylor Bare - CEO Founder and Chief Web Developer at TaylorMade Web PresenceHi! My name is Taylor Bare, CEO, Founder, and Chief Web Developer at TaylorMade Web Presence. I help authors, speakers, and consultants build their platform, get paid, and make a difference by providing tools, training, and tutorials they can use immediately and with ease even if they are non-technical and have little time to market online.

As an author, speaker, and consultant myself, certified in Guerrilla Marketing and SEO, I am fully aware of what it takes to succeed, share your message, and make a difference today. To create a lucrative business, you need a website,  a blog, a shopping cart, a membership program, and utilize social media, online video, email marketing, copywriting, just to name a few!

This was an excellent seminar for a new WordPress user. Taylor did a great job explaining and showing basic functions in WordPress and how to establish a business strategy around it. His TAYLORMADE acronym was great and very useful.

-Peter E.

Because I am an introvert, I never thought I would enjoy all the praise I get from my clients; however, because I am committed to provide those I serve with tools, training and tutorials that eliminate mystery, mistakes, and overwhelm, I smile big when I get the feedback… I know you, like me, love to make a difference in your clients’ lives.

I  don’t want you to waste your precious time, so I am looking forward to teaching you how you can jumpstart your web presence without the ridiculous costs, the overwhelming headaches…or unnecessary delays!

This is my passion. I am always learning new software, new applications, technology and new marketing strategies to serve my clients… and for fun, too.

Some fun facts about me? Here you go!

  • My WHY’s are all female: My radiant wife and the most gorgeous daughters!
  • I am obsessed with mushrooms
  • I use a PC!!!
  • I don’t drink alcohol, don’t do caffeine, and don’t work on Sundays
  • I love the rain, hot tea, and cobalt blue
  • I proposed to Elayna on our third date
  • Taylor is NOT my first name

I am so grateful you stopped by. Let’s talk soon!

Keep LIFE simple,

Taylor Bare - CEO Founder and Chief Web Developer at TaylorMade Web Presence

Taylor Bare
CEO | Founder | Chief Web Developer