TaylorMade Web Presence is your ally in creating a meaningful and cohesive author, speaker, or consultant brand, creating web marketing tools that align with your goals.

Like YOU, we are authors, speakers, and consultants. We are entrepreneurs, parents, and spouses, so we really get it.  We know you need your web presence to make you money, save you time, and give you peace.

Knowing that your platform, your brand, and your marketing are CRUCIAL to making it as an author, a speaker, or coach, you need to tap into tools, systems, and training that make it possible for you to profit, spread your message, and do more of what you love. Here are the 5 elements we’ll work with you on:
Credibility: Our brand development services allow you to create a visual image that positions you as an authority in your niche
Identity: Build rapport so your prospects learn to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you and your message
Exposure: Spread the word about the value you provide and share your life-changing message
Visibility Be where your customer needs you to be so they can benefit from your gift!
Profitability: Generate a desire and provide the tools your clients need to pay for your valuable expertise.

Are you ready to get started? We thought you’d say YES!  We encourage you to download  a FREE copy of  ”Make A Massive Difference Monetizing Your Message” NOW so you can become familiar with the exact steps needed to build a credible, profitable and measurable web presence.  Let’s do this!