Create A Child Theme

How To Create a Child Theme The Easy Way

Creating a child theme doesn’t have to be scary or overly complicated. With his direct and easy to understand approach, Taylor shows how to create a child theme from scratch and the tools to effortlessly make changes to the theme’s design.

WordPress themes are a painless and powerful way to change your website’s design, but a pre-made theme will never be a perfect fit. In his presentation, Taylor shows you WHY and HOW to create a child theme, empowering you to Be Different, Be Independent, and Be Yourself!

“Taylor Bare, like Steve Jobs, has the ability to take something complicated and make it SIMPLE.”
–  Jay Conrad Levinson, father of Guerrilla Marketing

Inside This Presentaton:

  • Why you need to customize your site – DIY formula – Be Different, Be Independent, Be Yourself
  • DIY the right way – create a child theme
  • How to find the code behind the design
  • Modifying the stylesheet
  • What to do when you don’t have a clue

After attending you will be able to:

  • Quickly, and easily create a child theme without using an FTP client or leaving the WP dashboard
  • Find the CSS for specific elements with point and click ease
  • Save time by making changes to any element’s CSS attributes with realtime, onscreen preview of the effects of those changes without making any change to the child themes stylesheet (so if you mess things up it doesn’t matter!)

“Thank you so much for the educational presentation you gave at the Asheville WordCamp. For me, hearing you and seeing your exceptionally clear, and well thought out presentation helped me so much in learning how to use child themes.”

– Kathleen M. Cameron

“Thanks again for the awesome presentation. After sitting in on your seminar I have a much better understanding of child themes and I look forward to using them on my site soon.”

– Forrest Briggs

“What I liked about your presentation is that it was well put together with very good content. And more importantly I felt that I walked away with some new knowledge. I am excited to create my first child theme. Prior to your talk it was a scary unknown that I didn’t quite understand. So thumbs up all around!!”

– Linda LaBelle

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