Do You REALLY Need A Custom WordPress Blog Design?

The short answer is, ABSOLUTELY!

Your website or blog is your Online Presence HQ and where your prospects will form their opinions of your brand and your offerings based off of what they see and read… within seconds!

Do You REALLY Need A Custom WordPress Blog Design?With that being said, you will get the most control by using self-hosted WordPress, or the version (as opposed to Most serious bloggers leverage WordPress to turn browsers into buyers, and most importantly, to build long-lasting relationships, which is the only way to ensure you really make a difference!

WordPress is an open-source publishing platform that allows you the widest range of design possibilities, and currently powering more than 60 million sites worldwide! There are over 2,500 free templates available at your disposal, which is a great option. There are also premium design options, which is better. You can also go the custom route, which is definitely BEST! We run all our websites on WordPress and we – and our clients – love them.

When it comes to WordPress, One Size Does Not Fit All

When I go shopping for new clothes I don’t pick a random size and just go with it. I wouldn’t look right, and I wouldn’t FEEL right either. Additionally, let’s say that I purchase pants that are too large for me — my productivity will be hindered in whatever I’m doing because I will be constantly pulling my pants up!

People don’t make purchases based on logic, they purchase based on emotion. If your website or blog design does not connect with your audience at an emotional level, allowing them to Know, Like, and Trust you, they will find someone else that does do that for them. A custom design built with a branding strategy in mind makes this possible.

WordPress is even more important for bloggers who are also authors, speakers, or coaches, or aspire to be in the near future. Your needs as an author, speaker, or coach will vary greatly from the needs of, say a local business (such as a restaurant) or an online retailer (such as an Etsy store). You will be selling bookings, informational products, and coaching and membership services and will need a follow up system to keep your audience engaged while building a strong personal brand.

We can build a custom WordPress blog or website that will help you communicate your unique vision and achieve your mission to monetize your passion. You can maintain your WordPress blog with ease because of the user friendly interface that requires zero coding skills.

Would you like to learn more? Let’s set up a time to talk about your custom website header, custom social media icons and profile graphics, custom SEO friendly layout, custom color scheme and fonts, custom responsive (mobile and tablet ready) design… and more!  You can get started by e-mailing us at today!

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10 thoughts on “Do You REALLY Need A Custom WordPress Blog Design?

  1. I think a customized website helps you cater to your brand. My husband created my logo and it came out well. I highly suggest testing several wordpress themes and logos to see what your readers like better. I did a blog makeover a few months ago and it made a world of difference.

  2. Your analogy about shopping for new clothes is spot on… BUT I’m too cheap to pay for a custom blog design, so I’ve always done it myself. So I guess you could say I sew my own clothes 😉

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