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After a year of limited users, Google posted an official release of HOA called  on Monday, May 07, 2012, on the official google blog. This means that, if you are an author, speaker, or coach, you can now [since then] share your message and reach more people you can help, by using Google Hangouts on Air.  You can reach the entire globe… well, except for China and Vietnam!

Google Hangouts on Air for Authors, Speakers, and Coaches

Google+ Hangouts™ is a very valuable FREE tool you can easily use to setup meetings with anybody in the world privately or publicly! You can confidently and powerfully run a smooth, professional [ and fun!!! ] Hangout, and use it to build your brand, create brand awareness, deliver your trainings, share and monetize your message, even if you have no video or conference technology background.

Google Hangouts on Air can be used to live stream or broadcast, as well as recording, for up to 8 hours! You can also share your screen, share documents, and more, and view up to 10 participants in the group video chat, as well as unlimited amount of people that can watch a Public HOA. You will be able to see how many people are watching, too!

How to set up Google Hangout on Air So You Can Broadcast Your MESSAGE, Stream it Live, Record it, Share it, and Make A Difference

To start broadcasting Hangouts On Air, you need a solid webcam and microphone, nice lighting, a YouTube channel, a Google+ profile or page, and make sure to Enable Hangouts On Air.  A best practice is to remove any trademarked art or images from the background!

Follow these step by step instructions to broadcast your Google Hangout on Air – LIVE:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Start a Hangout On Air.
  3. Give your broadcast a name and invite the people you want to join. [Use keywords!!!]
  4. Click Start Hangout On Air.
  5. When your guests have joined and you’re ready to go live, click Start broadcast at the top of the screen.
  6. Once you click Start broadcast, you’re officially “On Air” and the public will be able to watch your live broadcast.

It’s THAT simple!!!

Remember to maximize your audience by sharing the URL of your Google Hangout On Air on your favorite social networks or to your e-mail list. Don’t worry if an intruder comes to your event, while there is no “kick out” button, there is a handy block option you can use to say good bye to the issue!

Once you are done, you can go to your YouTube Video Manager to edit your video, then embed the live player of your Hangout On Air in another website.  Wow… isn’t this a great tool? Watch for our Hangout Trainings soon!

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  1. I don’t know too much about Google & everything it has to offer (aside from a search engine). I’ve heard of these hangouts on air, but had no clue that I could have one myself!

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