How To Change Your LinkedIn URL To Match Your Brand

Choosing a custom LinkedIn URL is a small, but key element of your brand that must not be over looked. Branding is in the details, and you gain trust and recognition with consistent branding across all of your marketing. I have good news – it’s really easy to change your LinkedIn URL! 

How to change your LinkedIn URL to Match Your BrandingYou can customize your public LinkedIn profile URL to match your brand when you edit your public profile.

As in other social networks, custom public profile URLs are available on a first come, first served basis, so you want to make sure you do this in the earliest stages of your branding.

How to Change Your LinkedIn URL

  1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
  2. Look for the URL link under your profile photo ( and move your cursor over the link and click the Settings icon next to it.
  3. Under the Your public profile URL section on the right, click the Edit icon next to your URL.
  4. Type the last part of your new custom URL in the text box so it reads:
  5. Click Save.

Your custom LinkedIn URL should be an exact match to your brand or business name whenever possible, so it’s better to consider your options in the very beginning stages, before your brand is set in stone. This allows you to consider other brand name possibilities based on social media username and URL availability across all social networks.

You can change your LinkedIn URL up to 5 time every 180 days, but remember, consistency is key. Take the time to do your research and planning before customizing your LinkedIn URL.

Now it’s time to go customize your LinkedIn URL and wear your brand loud and proud while you connect with other professionals.

Leave a comment with your new, branded LinkedIn URL!

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