How to Write a WordPress Blog Post the Right Way

Guidelines to write a blog post in WordPress

Just like Henry Ford opened up the world of motor vehicle travel to millions of people, the advent of WordPress has been one of the most powerful changes to come to the Internet, presenting a powerful new way for millions of ordinary people to share their message with the world – without advanced knowledge of website design or coding.

And just as there are certain rules, or “best practices” to follow that will make a car ride successful and enjoyable, there are some guidelines for making your WordPress blogging experience a success.

Guidelines to write a blog post in WordPress


I put together a few slides to get you blogging with confidence in no time, so you can publish a WordPress blog post the right way.

Inside you will learn all about:

  • One easy step to increase reader interest, social sharing, and SEO power
  • The basics of writing a WordPress blog post, step by step, from start to finish
  • Writing a title for your blog post
  • Accessing the hidden post editor tools you never knew were there
  • Adding images to your blog post

After you learn how to write and publish your blog post let me know what you liked and what else you want to know in the comments below!

P.S. Don’t forget about the full screen button on the slideshow 🙂

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  1. This is awesome. WordPress can be overwhelming for beginners. But just like any other blogging platform, a post is better with pictures!

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