Membership Site Basics : Get Paid For Your Content Online

A membership site is the #1 most effective method that successful authors, speakers, and consultants use to get paid regularly online and to foster a tight relationship with loyal customers. A membership site is a private (password-protected) website, that allows members to interact with you and other members, get exclusive content, and receive added value.

Membership Site Basics: 7 Steps to Start Selling Paid Content

  1. Choose a membership plugin to protect your content and manage your members and install it on your WordPress site. I recommend WishList Member™ because it always functions with the latest version of WordPress and is trusted by tens of thousands of online communities and membership sites in the world.
  2. Create all required WishList Member™ pages (i.e. error pages encouraging non-members to sign up and members to upgrade 🙂 )
  3. Set up your membership levels ( i.e.  Free, Trial, or Paid membership levels: “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”)
  4. Hook WishList Member™up to your shopping cart (PayPal, 1ShoppingCart, ClickBank, RedOakCart, and InfusionSoft are all compatible)wishlist integration with shopping carts
  5. Get your email autoresponder talking to WishList Member™ (compatible with Aweber, MailChimp, iContact, and more!)
  6. Create an online community for your members to brainstorm and problem solve
  7. Make sure your site will be stable with all of the member video and content downloads

Membership sites are a lot of fun for authors, speakers, and consultants, because we just love to create content… and if that’s what you want to do exclusively and feel overwhelmed with the options, settings, and integrations it takes to turn your website into a profitable membership site, you can let it all go…You can sleep peacefully while we make your WishList Member™ plugin automate your new membership site like it was designed to do: give you awesome leverage and consistent cash flow. Yes, we are night owls!

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