New Features On Twitter: Group Conversations and Video Uploads

Did you know about the new features on Twitter? You can now have group conversations with up to 20 people in Direct Message (DM) and you can upload video files directly to your twitter feed.

Twitter is combining the effectiveness of Facebook groups and the mobile video experience of YouTube and Vimeo.

new features on twitter group DMs video upload

It seem like Twitter will be rolling out even more features soon, but these two already are great additions to take the platform to the next level.

Twitter is a fantastic place to hold public conversations and interact with followers, brands, and friends, and now you have the option to reach them and communicate with them privately. You don’t need to follow one another in order to chat!

Twitter designed their camera to be simple and user friendly so you don’t have to leave your mobile Twitter app to capture, edit, and share your video creations (up to 30 seconds).

What do you think about these changes? Are you excited or just a little overwhelmed?

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19 thoughts on “New Features On Twitter: Group Conversations and Video Uploads

  1. I’m loving these new twitter updates! That’s so cool that you can have group conversations with up to 20 people. That will definitely come in handy <3

  2. I’m loving the new twitter updates! I haven’t tried the new features yet because I don’t really use Twitter as much as I should, but I love that you can have a group chat with up to 20 people! That would make it so easy to figure out blog stuff with some blogging friends.

  3. Wow, Although I am on twitter I had no idea of these improvements. I am excited I can share video content without going through another platform. Thank you for sharing.

  4. The group conversations must be great for those Twitter parties people have. Would make it so much easier to have one convo then trying to search for the hashtag constantly.

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