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One of the most critical elements of your web presence today is having a strategy to capture your website visitors’ information when they come to your page.  After all, your analytics and stats don’t really mean anything until you can follow up with real prospects, so that they can do business with you and you can actually help them and make a difference in their lives.

Some people believe that social media has replaced e-mail marketing, however, if you ask yourself “what if Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest shut down today?” you will probably come up with the obvious conclusion that you do not own your tribe unless you’ve got their digits (or e-mail address).

As part of all of our web development packages, we design autoresponder campaigns that include a free download: an e-book, an e-course, or a free report. Your free gift can be an audio, a video, or a PDF download (e-book or whitepaper) that will educate them, inspire them, or entertain them, and that positions you as an expert in your field. We recommend your free item to be something you don’t have to ship or pay a cost for, so that you can put it in autopilot.

setting up your free download campaignHere’s what we need from you to take care of writing your copy and setting up your starter auto-responder campaign so it runs while you sleep:

  • Your existing branding (colors, fonts, and logo) or your preferences if we are designing those for you.
  • Your legal company name and mailing address (this is required by the FTC)
  • A description of your target audience
  • Your desired tone. Would you like to sound casual, brief, technical, playful, inspirational?
  • A brief description of your business
  • Your URL
  • The title and subtitle of your free download
  • The questions you answer in your report and the struggles you address, as well as the top three benefits to the reader.
  • The number of points you cover and what they are. We recommend 3, 5, 7, or 10.
  • The action you want them to take after receiving the free download (sometimes it will be to subscribe to your blog, buy a product, follow you on social media, take advantage of a special offer, etc.).
  • Your standard signature or closing
  • The name, last name, and e-mail address on the “from” field of outgoing messages – and where they would reply to.
  • The contact that will receive a notification when someone fills out the free download request.
  • The actual file(s) they will download.

We will be creating the series of pages your new subscribers need to be directed to and writing the e-mail messages they will be receiving to guide them through the download process.

If you are planning to start a newsletter, we will also need to know what type of content you will be sharing, the frequency, and the main benefits of subscribing to it. This will allow us to let them the free download recipients know to expect the content in their inbox.

Setting up your free download campaign requires lots of planning, however, the good news is that all of our web-development packages include free strategy sessions to guide you through as much of the process as you may need. Some clients want to do this and have us implement their strategy, others want us to hold their hand or provide deep feedback. We love them all!

Do you have a free download on your blog or website? What strategy works for you? It’s time to build your list!

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  1. great information. any type of information that we can get to viewers is key. I think this is a great method for the site owner as well.

  2. Excellent tips all around. I love the idea of a free eBook because I like to learn. Any other kind of download makes me run…

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