The 3 Pillars Of Your Online Marketing Platform

3 pillars of online presence

There’s much hype these days about an author platform, speaker platform, and coaching platform. These are not new terms… they’ve just come to be more popular lately.

Your platform online is effective when it “makes the phone ring,” makes your list grow, and makes your profit skyrocket. Whether you’re a pro strategist or need a little help from your friends (at TaylorMade Web Presence that is) you must define the specific short-term and long-term goals you expect to achieve before you get started with your online marketing platform, if possible, and the sooner the better if you’re already marketing.

The 3 Pillars Of Your Online Marketing Platform

3 pillars of online presenceYes, there are dozens of elements to your web platform, but we will make it simple list so you can get started with a strong foundation:

Web Design – You need a website that is informative, interactive, relevant, customer-focused with an appealing layout that is consistent with your branding, identity and collateral materials. We’ll be talking about an irresistible offer, too!

Blogging – Strong tool used to communicate who you are and educate your prospect toward an informed purchase decision, positioning yourself as the expert and the clear choice in the market. As an added bonus, blogging can help boost your ranking on the Search Engines. Some people use Blogger or for their generic blog, however, I recommend a hosted blog, which is more powerful. Seth Godin uses a low cost paid blogging site called TypePad, which works for him, so we can talk about what will work for you, but make sure you blog.

Social Networking – Today’s trend is to connect, connect, and connect. Learn about how sites like FacebookLinkedIN, and Twitter, can maximize your exposure and sales. It may sound overwhelming and intimidating, but once you try it, it’s a lot of fun…and it works wonders for your business.

Now that you know the 3 foundational elements, I’ll be teaching you what makes them work and how they can work together, so make sure you stay tuned for my posts!

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15 thoughts on “The 3 Pillars Of Your Online Marketing Platform”

  1. Although I no longer try to sell anything-I have decided I am hust nit a salesperson–I do blog-on blogger. Lately it has been mostly book reviews and quite a few giveaways. I do use FB, G+ and Twitter to get my blog noticed. I have found that Twitter is the absolute best!

  2. I blog on blogger as well, but I’d like to switch to a self-hosted site. I just don’t have any clue how to get all of my stuff I’ve worked so hard on to another one. I don’t want to start all over!

  3. I totally agree. Any business, small or large, needs all these things in place to be successful with online marketing. Social media is CRUCIAL this day in age, especially with more than 80% of all things being shared by “word of mouth” is done via facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.

  4. This is great information for bloggers or businesses. A strong foundation is very important for a good platform. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It is overwhelming to think about all the ways and hours we must spend promoting. We do it because we must… connect, connect, connect. Is there an easier way?

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