Web Presence Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Our TaylorMade Web Presence solutions are designed to help entrepreneurs stay focused on their highest purpose. Our tools, training, and expertise will create an effective web presence, automate tasks, and keep you connected to your audience.

Email us at Team@TaylorMadeWebPresence.com so we can design your  web presence solution today!

Our Web Presence Solutions

  • Blogging Strategy /Blog Planning
  • Social Media Training / Strategy
  • Social Media Branding Design
  • Facebook Cover Design
  • Twitter Header Design
  • Google + Header Design
  • Branded Social Profile Picture
  • eCommerce Development / Shopping Cart
  • 3D Book / CD / DVD Graphic Design
  • Speaker / Author / Coach one-sheet design
  • Custom Branded PowerPoint Slide Design
  • Document Translation Services


and more!

We craft profitable brands, create visibility, and spread awareness about authors, speakers and consultants that want to change the world with their message.  We do that through web presence.

But… what exactly is that? Since we are the type of people who love words and dictionaries, and even create our own definitions, here it goes:

Pres·ence ‘prezens’

  • Actual Person or Thing That IS PRESENT ~ The sum of your pages, profiles, and posts on the Internet (your website, your blog, your social profiles and all the tools we create so you can be found in the world wide web).
  • A Noteworthy Quality of POISE and Effectiveness ~ The impact your magnetic brand makes when we partner with you to make your light shine brighter online.
  • Something FELT or Believed to Be Present ~ The sense of familiarity and rapport your visitors will feel as they read your web copy and learn to Know, Love, and Trust you.

The first step to a web presence that makes the phone ring is an understanding of exactly what it takes to build your Credible, Profitable, Measurable Web Presence.

Let’s define the specific short-term and long-term goals you expect to achieve. E-mail me at ceo@taylormadewebpresence.com to get started on your TaylorMade Web Presence solutions and training. You need it!