What Is Author Platform?

what is author platform?

One of the major buzz words in the publishing world right now is Author Platform. If you were to talk to a potential publisher or literary agent, they will ask you about your author platform probably immediately after you’ve shared your book idea. But you may be wondering WHAT IS Author Platform EXACTLY and how does a writer or aspiring author get one?

As important as the author platform is, it seems that authors, agents, and publishers all have difficulties explaining exactly what it is. Here’s why:

Writing a book [even a short ebook] is like birthing a baby… you know, the natural way, therefore, for a writer, often times, publishing is ALL about the BOOK.  In contrast, for the literary agent, and for the publisher, it’s a two-way deal: they want a good book concept AND a credible author, one that can also market the book to the audience.

Your platform includes your background, your experience, your compelling story, and everything that makes you credible and likable to your target audience. It also includes your ability to grow your following [and you’re in the right place to learn about that!]. Be sure to include this information in your book proposal and query letter when you’re pitching to get published traditionally. If you’re self-publishing, your platform is equally or more important to assure book sales.

what is author platform?

Your platform starts with your expertise and status in your field and how well you are positioned in the marketplace and it solidifies when you have built a brand that communicates it clearly and in a magnetic way. Your platform grows with your following: the people you are reaching right now through social media, email lists, speaking events, media appearances… in other words, through your marketing.

Don’t be discouraged! While I did say you must be a CREDIBLE EXPERT in your field so you can be taken seriously and also that you must be a PASSIONATE MARKETER to get a book deal or move your own books, I assure you don’t have to be the top expert or have a following in the millions [though it would be nice lol] – everyone likes to jump on a moving train, that’s all.

We would love to partner with you to create a credible brand that positions you as the go-to-expert in your field and allows you to increase your ability to attract followers, subscribers, and book buyers.

A Platform is not just for authors. It is imperative for speakers, coaches, trainers, and consultants to start building a platform so they can be successful in today’s day and age.  Are you ready to build your Platform? We can help!

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  1. Building a platform and gaining traction is one of the hardest thing in book marketing. Glad you are offering help in that arena.

  2. This is an interesting post. I know a little bit about platforms and never really used a platform to much but your information gave me more incite. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have never heard about an author platform but at the same time I haven’t been interested in writing a book. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I know that alot of new authors end up self publishing their first book.

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