3 Life Lessons I Learned at Wordcamp Asheville 2015

3 Life Lessons I Learned at WordCamp Asheville 2015I am so grateful that I was able to attend and speak at Wordcamp Asheville 2015! Thank you to everyone who made this WordPress conference possible, especially the organizer, Lydia Roberts. She and the other volunteers did an outstanding job of putting together an educational and entertaining weekend.

I was honored to give a presentation on how to create a WordPress child theme, and learned a few things while I was at it.

My first lesson began before I even gave my presentation. As I listened to Allen Moore give an excellent, and quite advanced presentation on Performance Driven Front End Development, I began to question my own presentation – Was it too elementary? Was my presentation going to be a waste of everyone’s time, going over things they already know?

I was up to speak right after Allen Moore, and I actually pulled out my laptop to make changes to my power point presentation before it was my time to speak! Thankfully, I listened to the still, small voice that urged me to trust what I had prepared.

Defeat Self-Doubt

It wasn’t until I was back home, relating this experience to my wife, that I put a label on it, well, she put a label on it.

“Self-doubt.” She stated simply. As obvious as that is, I am often painfully unaware of my inner states! I am grateful to have an eternal companion as patient and wise as my beautiful wife.

Now that I have a name for it, I can be prepared when self-doubt comes knocking and send it packing. I was able to overcome my self-doubt through the principles of faith and preparedness. Because of the diligence and sleepless hours I had put into preparing my presentation, I was able to have faith that my message was divinely inspired and there was someone who needed to hear it.

Which brings me to the second lesson I learned.

It is Selfish to Not Teach What You Know

I am grateful to my parents for the opportunity I had to learn computers and web design from a very young age. Because of that, computers are almost second nature to me, and I often assume that everyone naturally knows how to use them as well.

Until I started to develop my course on creating your own WordPress website, I didn’t realize the wealth of knowledge I have and felt that I didn’t have much of anything to teach people.

Hearing the responses from the attendees of my presentation on creating a WordPress child theme, I realized how selfish I have been in holding back what I have to share. Another ugly face of self-doubt.

Through the positive feedback I received came the third lesson I learned at my WordCamp experience.

People Need to Hear Your Growth and Gratitude

I have been blessed to attend many conferences with brilliant speakers, filled with wisdom and resources that have helped take me to a higher level, not only in technical matters, but in spiritual, emotional, and relational aspects as well.

It has been much too seldom that I have expressed my gratitude to the speakers who have freely shared their deepest life lessons that they have earned through years of struggle and perseverance.

Through speaking myself, I have gained a much deeper respect for the time, effort, and self that goes into preparing for a presentation. By receiving the gratitude of the people whom I have been blessed to teach, I have realized how powerful our gratitude is.

Hearing how I was able to help people understand something that was confusing, or even scary to them, banished a bit of my self-doubt, and created a greater desire within me to share what I can to help someone else grow.

My presentation wasn’t too elementary. It was exactly what many people needed to hear in that moment.

I am so grateful that I shared my experience and even more grateful to those that shared what it meant for them.

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have a new passion for sharing my knowledge to help “even one life breathe easier.”

I hope we can meet at a WordCamp near you!

Until then, how will you show your gratitude to someone that has impacted your life in a positive way? What talent, or knowledge have you been holding back because of self-doubt? What steps will you take to change that today?

I would love to hear your thoughts and learn how you defeat self-doubt in your life. Please comment below!

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34 thoughts on “3 Life Lessons I Learned at Wordcamp Asheville 2015

    • It was a wonderful experience, and yes, helping others is very rewarding. It makes you feel so good that it motivates you to keep doing it and to continue to push past your comfort zone.

  1. Self doubt can be paralyzing sometimes. I’m glad you listened to that still small voice and gave such a helpful presentation to those in attendance!

    • Thank you Pam. I am too. Our thoughts are so powerful; they literally shape our lives. We must be aware, and intentional of the voices and thoughts that we are listening to. When we choose our thoughts we choose our destination.

    • I highly recommend attending a Wordcamp. They are all over the world and most likely in your city or one very close to you. You can learn more about WordCamp and find the nearest one at Wordcamp.org. It is an amazing resource for any blogger!

    • Hi Maureen,

      WordCamps are great conferences. They often have multiple tracks so you can choose which topic you are most interested in during each session and you can’t beat the admission price – around $20 to $40. Plus they are everywhere. You can find the nearest one at WordCamp.org.

  2. I have just gotten back from a speakers conference and the tips are great especially the one that it’s selfish not to share what you know.
    I am slowly working on building a platform. The self doubt can creep up and cause some major anxiety if it is not in check.

    • Thank you Amanda. The best thing to do is to just keep doing things that are a little (or a lot!) outside of your comfort zone and stretching yourself until what used to take enormous effort and self-motivation becomes a joy. And keep your thoughts positive – think about how you will have a positive impact on at LEAST one person, your past successes, and how GOOD it feels to help people through speaking. Tie as many positive emotions to the moment that you can and as you associate more and more positive emotions with speaking (or anything else that is a challenge for you) the less negative emotions will be tied to it, allowing you to take action with less effort, more joy, and greater effectiveness! And each of those successes will build upon the last, continuing the “upward spiral.”

    • Yes, it’s so fulfilling, and allows us to reach so many people with less of our time – the one resource we can never get more of. But, we can use our time in exponentially more effective ways, like speaking to reach hundreds, or even thousands of people at a time.

    • Yes, we need to embrace the greatness we all have within us! Our thoughts are the laboratory of our lives. Everything begins with a thought.

  3. I have definitely been there before with the self doubt before. It is almost always the best thing to go with your original thoughts and ideas or you can kind of lose your way during your presentation if you make last minute changes.

    • Thank you. It was amazing and like I have been recommending to everyone – find a WordCamp near you (or not near you!) and see what it’s all about. I’ve never seen one for more than $40 and that is for a 2-3 day conference with multiple tracks all throughout the day! There are so many speakers and so many topics. You will definitely find something that will have an immediate impact on what you do. I will be speaking at WordCamp Tampa on 9/27/15 if you want to make a weekend trip to Florida 🙂 – or find one closer to you at WordCamp.org.

  4. I think I was able to defeat self doubt when I came out of my shell and started communicating. Real face to face communications where ideas are exchanged. I loved it when people agree to my thoughts, and I am open to theirs too.

    • Yes, communication is key. That is an area where I have really being working on growing. And it was actually a big part of what made my presentation successful; of course there was the communication of what I had to teach, but what I believe made it really stand out is that I listened to the audience and took time to address their questions throughout my presentation. I personally think that interaction with the audience is the best way to do it in most cases. And like you said, being open to their ideas as well – collaboration is the key!

    • Yes! I love keeping traditions alive. Good ones that is lol. And there is no better way to learn something inside and out than to teach it to someone else.

    • Definitely! It is an incredible conference and it is all volunteer based, from the organizers to the speakers, so everyone is there because they are passionate about blogging, WordPress, and helping people. You can find one near you at WordCamp.org.

  5. Good advice. It is selfish not to teach what you know if you have the ability to communicate it with someone willing to receive it. I find that I can teach people things and about 3% apply it.

    • Yes, not everyone will apply, or even appreciate what we share, but if we can help just one person, it’s worth all the effort. It’s about making a difference, not about numbers. And who knows how many people that one person will go on to help because of the breakthrough they received from what you shared?

    • You are welcome. I recommend to anyone who blogs with (or without!) WordPress to attend a Wordcamp. They are priced ridiculously low since it is a non-profit, volunteer funded event, and there is so much knowledge gathered together in one place. They are so helpful!

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