WordPress 3.9 SMITH, The Most Beautiful WordPress Yet

wordpress 3.9 smith

As you may have already guessed, observed, or simply assumed, the TaylorMade Web Presence Team loves WordPress.   WordPress is a FREE and open source software, built by a generous tribe of web developers from all over the globe, and we like it when people use their God-given gifts and talents to bless the lives of others: those who want to make a difference.

wordpress 3.9 smithWell, WordPress just came up with the coolest upgrade yet. It’s called Jimmy Smith, and it’s version 3.9.

We have been busy upgrading our clients’ sites because of the need for the installation to be up-to-date, because in light of the recent #Heartbleed security bug, and because of access to wonderful new features.  We recommend updated plugins, as well!

When you upgrade to WordPress 3.9, you will enjoy these 7 main features:

  1. Improved visual editing AKA you can paste directly from Microsoft Word. Does this excite YOU as much as it does us? We’re jumping with joy!
  2. You can edit your images while editing posts. You can also scale images directly in the editor to find just the right fit without having to guess.
  3. Uploading images got so much easier with drag and drop options.
  4. Photo galleries will look in edit mode as they would in your published post – with the grid and everything.
  5. If you’re an author, speaker, or coach that gets interviewed on Podcasts or Online Radio, you can showcase simple audio and video clips and playlists.
  6. This is a big one if you’ve already been using WordPress: you can preview your changes live and only save them when you’re ready. Yesss!
  7. They also have simplified the header upload and the theme search process, to make WordPress more intuitive.

It’s time to upgrade the most beautiful WordPress yet. Let us know how we can support you! What are you waiting for?

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11 thoughts on “WordPress 3.9 SMITH, The Most Beautiful WordPress Yet”

  1. Very interesting. I just updated my wordpress site a little over a year ago, so I’m not in the market for a new one yet. I expect I’ll get bored and need a change next year. I’ll keep yours in mind. Easy is important!!!

  2. I’ve been luvn the upgrades lately. So much easier than four years ago, the only thing I’m having a problem with is finding the color option for certain words. Did I miss something. Where did it go?

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