WordPress 4.8 adds Visual Editor for Text Widget

WordPress 4.8 adds a visual editor to the text widget

With the release of WordPress 4.8 the text widget will get a major upgrade. After 12 long years of plain text and HTML only, the text widget will now have a visual editor tab.

Text Widget – Visual Editor Not Included

Since it’s introduction in WordPress 2.0, users have had a visual editor available when creating a new page or post to easily format text, add links, or insert images. No HTML coding required.

However, the text widget has been limited to plain text and HTML since it first came on the scene in WordPress 2.2. For those fluent in HTML, it has created an annoyance at most, but for WordPress users without any HTML knowledge it can be daunting.

WordPress 4.8 adds a visual editor to the text widget

Formatting With the Post/Page Editor

One method of formatting your text widget without coding has been through the new post or page editor. Simply craft your text widget in the post editor, then copy and paste the resulting HTML into the text widget. This works, but it is very inefficient.

Visual Text Widget Plugins

A plugin, like Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, provides a better solution. I’ve used it for years on client sites, as well as my own. Using a visual editor text widget plugin is certainly more efficient than moving between the post editor and text widget, but it still isn’t ideal. After all, the fewer active plugins, the faster your WordPress site will move, and the more stable it will run.

Thankfully, these workarounds will soon be obsolete.

Keeping WordPress the Ultimate Blog Platform

As small as the addition of a native visual editor in the text widget may seem, I believe it marks a huge landmark in the evolution of WordPress and the community’s ongoing commitment to keep WordPress the ultimate blogging and website platform.

Although the official launch date for WordPress 4.8 is set for June 8th, the WordPress 4.8 Release Candidate is available for download and testing. 

Are you as excited as I am for a visual editor in the text widget? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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