Writing is an ART, Publishing is a Business

writing is an art, publishing is a business

In our collective years working with Authors, Speakers, and Coaches, we have found that many, for fear of selling out, do not achieve prosperity.  The truth is, writing is an art, publishing is a business; your story is your life’s work, but speaking is a business; coaching is your life’s mission so you can help others, but it’s called consulting…and yes, it is also a business.

As an Author, a Speaker, or Coach, you must become a BUSINESS person with an ALTRUISTIC purpose, so you can GET PAID. Only when you make money can you really make a difference in the world, because you will be able to focus your energy and time on helping others, rather than worrying about paying the bills.

writing is an art, publishing is a business

Start with Business Basics 101: learn how to start a business, you know, should you have an assumed name or corporation?  What should your business plan include? What  marketing ideas and concepts can you use to grow your business? How do you identify your target audience ( because finding the right customers is critical to business success)? And yes, as a business person monetizing your art and your calling, you need a USP, too!

In today’s market, Authors, Speakers, and Coaches need systems. Systems will help you produce, market and sell your own books and info-products, without compromising the quality and value you bring, while factoring in profitability. At TaylorMade Web Presence, we understand both the art of writing and the business of self-publishing; we know it is necessary for you to monetize your mission so that you can magnify your impact.

We have worked with writers that have successfully published business books, children’s books, cookbooks, how-to books (a personal favorite), e-books, limited edition books, manuals, text books, photobooks, workbooks, self-help books, and a lot more soft cover and hard cover books in the non-fiction arena.

And these authors, speakers, and coaches did NOT sell out. They simply immortalized their ART by packaging it, making it available to more of the people they came here to serve. We helped them with their website, social media, and overall web presence marketing, and they are experiencing freedom because they get paid and have more time to create and fulfill their mission.

As an Author, Speaker, and Coach, you are talented, you are appointed, you are on a mission, and the CEO of your business.  Claim it!

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19 thoughts on “Writing is an ART, Publishing is a Business”

  1. Thanks for the tips! I never thought about writing being the art & the publishing aspect being completely different as a business. I’m not sure why, since it all makes perfect sense.

  2. Great tips. I never thought of writing as an art either. I know that we each have our own unique writing style too. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to be a writer and make a difference in other people’s lives.

  3. These are some phenomenal tips, and I especially like that you highlighted the fact that authors, speakers, and coaches aren’t “selling out” so much as earning an income from the craft they have honed for years, and who doesn’t deserve to do that?

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