"Taylor is a skillful expert at what he does, but it is the HEART, PATIENCE, and ATTENTION he puts into everything he does that truly makes him an EXTRAORDINARY professional."
— Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM

"Taylor is such a great guy and so responsive. I love working with him. I really do!"
— Amy Levinson, Vice President, Guerrilla Marketing International

"Taylor Bare, like Steve Jobs, has the ability to take something complicated and make it SIMPLE."
— The late Jay Conrad Levinson | The Father of Guerrilla Marketing

"Taylor Bare was instrumental in helping Sales Coach Now get our Infusionsoft Software implemented and up and running. We could not have done it without his expertise and I highly recommend him! Plus, he's super patient and easy to work with. Thanks Taylor"
— Ursula Mentjes, Founder of Sales Coach Now

"Taylor Bare is my 'Go To Guy' for all my websites needs!"
— Sandy Wamble, LMT, Blissful Essentials

"VERY EXCITED!!! My website is up! I want to thank Taylor Bare for all his patience with me and adding the final touches to make it beautiful!"
— Maria Mantovano ~ Beauty and Cosmetology Expert

Taylor makes the technical headaches of having a web presence SIMPLE. He enjoys helping authors, speakers, and small business owners establish a UNIQUE web presence so they can reach more customers through online media.
— Benson Agbortogo, NeverFailSystem.com

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You’re incredibly talented at what you do. You love your career and your customers. There is something unique, different and better about you and your MESSAGE that fills that void and fulfills what your target audience’s needs or wants. You need to let them know you’re in business. You need to convey the right message and portray the right image. You need to make things happen… You need to Build Your Platform, Get Paid, and Make A Difference, and online marketing is imperative to achieving your full potential.

Perhaps you’re not a marketing expert…you don’t have to be! My team is committed to providing authors, speakers, and consultants/coaches with Tools, Training, Tutorials, Tips, Tactics, and Techniques that create convenience and simplicity so you can bring value to the world!

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Taylor Bare - CEO Founder and Chief Web Developer at TaylorMade Web Presence

Taylor Bare
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