3 Benefits of Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

One of my favorite public speakers is Brendon Burchard. I love the energy and genuineness that he exudes when he speaks. He is a master speaker and a perfect choice to study and learn from.

I would never have guessed that Brendon Burchard once struggled with a massive fear of public speaking. But he had persistence and discipline until he overcame his fear. As Brendon said:

"Do anything enough, and the fears you once felt for it melt away. With competence comes confidence."

Brendon Burchard isn’t alone – public speaking is humanities number one fear, second only to death! So why should you muster up the courage to be a public speaker?

Conquer Your Fears

I know how terrifying it can feel to get up in front of a crowd with all eyes and attention on you. I battled with the fear of public speaking myself, and while I can’t say that I have completely conquered the jitters of speaking in front of an audience, I can say that I have made huge strides in my ability to present an idea in a coherent and enjoyable way when speaking.

Your self confidence will skyrocket as you persevere in your public speaking opportunities. As you feel more secure in your ability to express yourself and gain the respect of your audience, you will see an improvement in your one on one interactions as well, leading to easier, more frequent sales.

Increase your networking exponentially

It’s great to go to networking events and connect with like minded people, many of whom may be your ideal clients, or will be able to refer your ideal clients.

But let’s face it, there are only so many people you can talk to and business cards you can exchange in an hour. And even if you could manage to speak to everyone, you would have only seconds with each person.

Imagine that you could speak to all 300 people, each of them for 30 minutes to an hour. Or 2,000 people! When you are the speaker, that is exactly what you get to do! And through public speaking you are able to speak with much more credibility, than with a standard networking event.

Position Yourself as the Expert

That’s right. When you are on the stage, presenting on the topic that you know inside and out, people automatically see you as the expert in your field if you position yourself correctly. Now you aren’t just another guy at the networking event trying to push a business card on his next victim; you are THE man (or woman) who has the answers that they NEED!

This in itself is a powerful enough reason to embrace public speaking today, but with all of the other benefits of public speaking – and there are many more – there is no reason you shouldn’t be enthusiastically seeking your next chance to grab the lime light!

Let go of fear and start growing your business, AND yourself, today!

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